Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Measure For A Corset

It is so easy to get it wrong when measuring for a corset, but by the time you finish reading this article, you should be able to measure for a corset in less than a minute and get it right straight away.

When measuring for a corset it is vital that you adhere to these three main points:

    Measure naked, yes that's right, naked. Take your bra off and your trousers/skirt.
    Absolutely under no circumstances do you breath in when measuring.
    Corsets don't come in regular clothing sizes, so be prepared to feel a little shocked when you measure.

1. Why do I say get naked? Because we don't want your bust enhanced by a bra or your waist squished with your waist band. We need your real figure, not an enhanced one, the corset will do that when it arrives.

2. Why can't you breath in? Because we need your natural waist measurement, not a fake one. Don't breath in and kid yourself, you need the right measurements in order to order the correct size corset.

3. Corsets don't come in regular clothing sizes, so it really is important to measure up. We are all shaped differently. I remember the first time I measured for my first steel boned corset, I almost cried! I couldn't believe I was a 35" waist! It did however give me the incentive to lose a few inches. Where on your waist do you measure? Where your waist goes in at the sides, where that curve is. Mine is central across my belly button, but yours may be under your belly button.

Don't let all this measuring put you off, it really does only take a minute and you want to get the correct size corset don't you? A steel boned corset will pull you in by up to as much as 4-5 inches, so don't worry about your size. You'll have a beautifully smooth and curvy waist and have the hourglass figure that many women dream of.

If you are ordering an acrylic boned corset then you will want to look for a seller that provides the measurements of their acrylic boned corsets, because in my experience they all come up completely differently and 2 inches can make the world of difference in a corset.

If you're ordering a steel boned corset you will see they come sized like this:

28" (Natural Waist 32-33 inches)

30" (Natural Waist of 34-35 inches) and so forth.

Good luck with measuring and I hope you find your dream corset soon.

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