Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding the Best Hair Color for You

A well colored hair suiting to the latest trends leaves a good impression and makes heads turn. It completely changes your personality giving you a gorgeous and ravishing look. When it comes to choosing the best color for your hair, you should take care of the following things in order to select the right shade.

1. Skin Tone: The hair color should always be darker than skin otherwise it appears fake. People with olive or dark skin shade should select darker hair colors. Pink skin should take ash tones and strictly avoid golden or red hues. Hair color with 2-3 shade darker to the skin tone can be selected. If your skin is pale then you are very lucky as all colors would suit you. But if you are too pale then avoid very dark or black. You can go for dark brown, deep red or burgundy if your skin tone is yellow but try to avoid orange, gold or yellow.

2. Eye Color: People with deep skin tones usually have dark brown eyes. So choice of hair color should also be based on color of eye. The eye colors with yellow base like green, hazel or brown go perfectly with gold, auburn and red as these are warm hues. Similarly blue or grey colored eyes perfect with gold or ash tones having blue base that lie in category of cool colors.

3. Lifestyle: Choice of your hair color should match your personal as well as professional life. If you are a teacher or working in a place where a formal look is required, you cannot go for bold and hot colors. Additionally, these colors are also expensive to maintain as they require regular touch ups. Black is the hardest color to lift so select it after being sure of your choice.

4. Age: If you are young, you can go for brighter and bold colors. But above 25, it should be more natural hues like shades of brown, ash yellow or beige. If the hair is damaged then one should go for blonde hair color as it has less harmful chemicals. Brown hues also hide damages and reflect well.

5. Hair Cut and Style: Individuals with long wavy hair can opt for brown or golden shades. With a wispy or layered cut one should avoid using too light a shade as the ends will appear thin. Short hair looks good in red, blue, green or any unnatural color. You can pick various designs of hair like paneling, horizontal or chunky highlighting, dip dyeing, or any vibrant color combination depending on your look.

6. Dress and Accessories: Color selection should match the person wardrobe and jewelry as well. The color of hair should complement the dress code at work place. You should first determine the design as well as color of dress and jewelry that you are going to wear and then decide on the color of your hair. For example, hair tones of gold, brown, strawberry and auburn look ravishing with red, rust, orange and olive green dresses.

So, next time when you are thinking of changing the color of your hair, you know what to look for to find that perfect shade, which will give you a stunning look.

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